Together, these improvements result in a much longer shelf life of 30 days for David kegs, ensuring that consumers always experience fresh-tasting draught beer. "This consistent quality builds consumer trust and loyalty. And because of this, fully branded David XL Greens are increasingly being used to raise the profile of quality, fresh draught beer among our consumers and help associate these credentials with our brands." Improving Customer Profitability The David XL Green holds four, 20-litre kegs, which is ideal for 20-70HL outlets. These outlets benefit from savings on a number of running costs. Every year, for example, beer lost due to cleaning/line flushing for traditional systems can add up to €800, cleaning costs can amount Industry Leader In 2010, as part of Brewing a Better Future, HEINEKEN's long-term sustainability agenda, the Company committed to leading the industry in the area of Green Cooling. Environmental criteria have been introduced into the decision-making process for new product launches and an eco-design methodology was incorporated into the Company's Global Innovation and Renovation process. Cooling represents around 25-35% of the total carbon footprint during the lifecycle of the product, from barley to bar. Through continuous innovation and the launch of green fridges and green draught beer installations, the Company aims to reduce its total carbon footprint from cooling by 50% by 2020. to €300, and energy consumption up to €600. "With David XL Green, waste and cleaning are reduced to virtually zero, and energy costs are reduced by 50% compared with even the newest 'green' draught systems available," confirms Erik. "Depending on local market conditions, a typical customer selling around 35HL per year can expect to see their margins increase by up to €600 per year, without taking into account volume increases due to improved quality. With energy prices expected to continue increasing, this provides a very strong customer selling story for the David XL Green. And of course, there's the reduced environmental impact, which will help support HEINEKEN's Brewing a Better Future goals." Belgian Roll-Out In luly 2012, the roll out of David XL Green started in Belgium, with demonstrations to key distributors, the distribution of sales materials, and coverage in the trade press. "The biggest challenge initially was convincing customers to free up space below the bar for the David fridge unit," says Geert Minnart, On Trade Commercial Director at Alken-Maes in Belgium. "With around 100 units already installed in Belgium, we're seeing a clear trend. Through targeting new customers and word of mouth, more than 80% of the units have been installed with customers Each keg is supplied with a new beer line that can be easily fed through to the tap The unit can be built into the bar or used free standing A x 20! kegs can be stored and chilled directly below the tap, to ensure that every beer is served at the correct temperature 34 World of HEINEKEN Edition 1 2013

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