li in VOL. Vii. No. 3 JULY, 1956 Our ^Jlapptfi The Windmill PUBLISHED BY VAN MUNCHING 6 CO., INC., 6 West 48th St., New Yoric 36, N. Y. OUR national sales keep on setting new monthly records with orders rolling in from all directions. It would almost seem like the Heineken's snow ballof which we have talked so often, has become so big that it could be com paredwith a Heineken's "snowman" Recently we tried to analyze where all this increased business is coming from and some very interesting observations were made which gives us the pleasant realization that our business is more wide spread than ever before all throughout the United States. For instance, in the greater New York Metropolitan area, hundreds of new retail outlets are being opened every monthThese outlets bring in a sub stantial part of our increased volume and very often represent the medium priced taverns and eating places, not to forget the delicatessens and grocery stores, as well as the large super markets. Therefore, our business does not only come from the top-notch and "name" outlets any more, such as was the case in pre-war days, but the consumer demand for Heineken's covers a much larger part of the drinking public than in the past. hr the Mid-Western areas, we have a mounting increased volume of sales con sistent with the growing activities of our organization and the greater demand for Heineken's by the public. Here, draught beer sales are very substantial and help very much the sales of bottle beer in many recently opened outlets. In the Pacific Coast area, the increas ing volume is greatly helped by the very many retail outlets being opened in off- premise spots and here, the very fancy super markets play an important role. Down South, our business in the Florida vacation resorts is fabulous and this, in turn, no doubt, is helpful in many other markets of the United States where re turning visitors ask for Heineken's by A scene at the dock in Rotterdam during the loading of Heineken's on hoard steamer NIEUW AMSTERDAMIt is only natural that we should show a picture of a very frequent scene at the docks in Rotterdam where Heineken's is loaded on many ships to many ports in the United States You will note that the big trailer truck shows the same lettering that we use here while in the foregroundyou will also note draught beer being loaded for New York stock. name in their home markets. It is amazing some times to hear in ivhat type outlets Heineken's is available in the most unexpected places on the off-beaten path and still it gives us the conviction that our sales have hardly scratched the surface, as far as its potential is concerned! Each and every salesman calling on the trade should try to open an account where he may never have thought Heineken's could be sold and I am posi tive that he will be pleasantly surprised at the reaction, especially if he is able to keep the consumer price of Heineken's down. Selling Heineken's to the retail trade offers many attractions, the challenge of selling, the earning of commissions, but above all, the satisfaction that you are of fering to your trade the finest in the field in quality and prestige, which assures you an increased return in sales. Cordially yours,

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