Reportof the Executive Board I Operational Review continued Brewing a Better Future ne better future In the last decade, HEINEKEN has made considerable steps forward in its efforts to become a truly sustainable business. Throughout that journey, we have been advised, awarded, supported, and sometimes criticised by our stakeholders. It is this connection with, and interest from, those whose lives we touch that has enabled, encouraged and sometimes forced us to do more. That is why we have long recognised that sustainability is a journey that has to be shared - we cannot meet our aspirations or our commitments if we think and act alone. Adopting that philosophy has meant transforming the way we do business and the way we engage our stakeholders. Nothing better exemplifies this than the construction and implementation of Brewing a Better Future itself, our ten-year renewed approach to sustainability. Brewing a Better Future Brewing a Better Future was born out of close discussion with our stakeholders. It is based on three strategic imperatives around which we have built our commitments and programmes: I. Continuously improve the environmental impact of our brands and business II. Empower our people and the communities in which we operate III. Positively impact the role of beer in society. We have created 23 programme areas that by 2020 will bring our words 'Brewing a Better Future' to life with our people and our stakeholders and which cover our material impacts as well as our value-based approach to people and society. Our Sustainability Report provides a comprehensive commentary and report on our progress. It can be found on our website at Embedding in markets It is this market-based approach that we believe is fundamental to success. In 2011our businesses, within the scope of Brewing a Better Future, took even greater responsibility for the delivery of the agenda. Each has its own sustainability committee, and three-year sustainability plan integrated within the strategy of the business unit. In 2011, there were again some notable achievements and actions by our markets that helped make the Brewing a Better Future framework real; to name a few: HEINEKEN in the UK achieved the highest ranking of Platinum Plus in Business in the Community's 2011 Corporate Responsibility Index (CRI), the UK's leading voluntary benchmark of corporate responsibility. HEINEKEN also achieved the 'Best in Food and Drink Sector' In Greece, Athenian Brewery received the Gold award in the local Corporate Responsibility Index (CRI) 'Sunrise' campaign is helping to make responsible drinking aspirational. 16 Heineken N.V. Annual Report 2011

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