7. Assets (or disposal groups) classified as held for sale Other assets classified as held for sale represent land and buildings following the commitment of H EINEKEN to a plan to sell certain land and buildings in the UK and our associate in Kazakhstan. Efforts to sell these assets have commenced and are expected to be completed during 2012. Assets classified as held for sale 2011 Current assets - - Non-current assets 99 6 99 6 8. Other income 2011 Net gain on sale of property, plant equipment 35 37 Net gain on sale of intangible assets 24 13 Net gain on sale of subsidiaries, joint ventures and associates 5 189 64 239 In 2010 EIEINEKEN transferred in total a 78.3 per cent stake in PT Multi Bintang Indonesia (MBI) and HEINEKEN's87 per cent stake in Grande Brasserie de Nouvelle-Caledonie S.A. (GBNC) to its IV Asia Pacific Breweries (APB). As a result of the transaction a gain of EUR157 million before tax was recognised in net gain on sale of subsidiaries, joint ventures and associates. 9. Raw materials, consumables and services 2011 Raw materials 1,576 1,474 Non-returnable packaging 2,075 1,863 Goods for resale 1,498 1,655 Inventory movements (8) (8) Marketing and selling expenses 2,186 2,072 Transport expenses 1,056 979 Energy and water 525 442 Repair and maintenance 417 375 Other expenses 1,641 1,439 10,966 10,291 Other expenses include rentals of EUR241 million (2010: EUR224 million), consultant expenses of EUR166 million (2010: EUR126 million), telecom and office automation of EUR159 million (2010: EUR156 million), travel expenses of EUR137 million (2010: EUR120 million) and other fixed expenses of EUR938 million (2010: EUR813 million). Heineken N.V. Annual Report 2011 99

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