6. Acquisitions and disposals of subsidiaries and minority interests Financial Statements Notes to the consolidated financial statements Acquisitions and disposals 2009 During 2009, four minor acquisitions occurred within the UK, Nigeria and Egypt. Total goodwill on these acquisitions amounts to EUR34 million. These acquisitions individually are deemed immaterial in respect of 1FRS disclosure requirements. Disposals during 2009 are related to a few minor disposals in Western Europe. Total acquisitions and disposals had the following effect on Heineken's assets and liabilities on acquisition date: In millions of EUR Note Pre- acquisition carrying amounts Fair value adjustments Total acquisitions Total disposals Property, plant equipment 14 123 9 132 (27) Intangible assets 15 36 36 Investments in associates and joint ventures 1 1 ~(2 Inventories 1 1 Trade and other receivables 1 1 8 Prepayments and accrued income 1 1 Cash and cash equivalents 1 1 (1) Minority interests 3 Loans and borrowings (91) (91) Employee benefits (i) (1) 1 Deferred tax liabilities 18 (6) (6) Provisions 30 (1) (1) Bank overdrafts (1) (1) Current liabilities (19) (7) (26) 3 Net identifiable assets and liabilities 56 (6) 50 (18) Goodwill on acquisitions 15 34 Consideration paid/(received), satisfied in cash 84 (18) Net bank overdrafts acquired/Net bank overdrafts disposed of 1 Net cash outflow/jinflow) 84 (17) The fair values of assets and liabilities of the 2009 acquisitions have been determined on a provisional basis, and will be completed in 2010. The newly acquired entity in the UK has been fully integrated in the Western European region. Goodwill on this acquisition has been allocated to the Western European region for the purpose of impairment testing in line with the operational responsibility. In respect of the newly acquired entity in Egypt and Nigeria, the goodwill has been allocated to the individual country. Although synergies are achieved on a regional basis these entities are less integrated in the region and therefore goodwill is monitored on an individual country basis. The contribution in 2009 of the acquisitions to results from operating activities and to revenue was immaterial. If the acquisitions had occurred on 1 January 2009, management estimates that consolidated results from operating activities and consolidated revenue would not have been materially different. 102 Annual Report 2009 - Heineken N.V.

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