draught beer system aimed at lower volume on-trade outlets, installing more than 5,000 machines including a major launch in Portugal. This brings the total number of markets in which the David system is now available to nearly 100. Capability building Investing in brands requires a deep understanding of consumers, customers and marketing techniques and channels. Maintaining a world-leading portfolio demands that we also continually invest in training, development and competency building for our people. In 2009 we successfully executed the roll out of the new commercial competency model along with supporting tools, and documentation. We trained 50 of our senior commercial managers in 'train-the-trainer' sessions. In turn, these trainers have now introduced the competency requirements and the personal development planning (PDP) process to approximately 1,000 managers in commerce around the business. As a company, we have always valued, encouraged and rewarded excellence in execution. 2009 saw us introduce a new Distributor Management model, which will help us to implement our plans better and faster through Africa's unique distributor landscape. Seven key businesses in Africa are now using this new model. We also made it clear at the end of 2008 that we would increase our performance with regard to delivering more effective and efficient marketing and promotional activities. At the start of 2009, we ensured that more than half our commercial managers worldwide had part of their personal objectives targeted on one of our key efficiency measures - GP Net - gross profit net of sales and marketing costs. Across the business, we have considerably improved our performance on this essential indicator. Managing our world-leading portfolio The Heineken brand is unique in its global distribution and recognition and hence is a clear differentiator for our business. However, beer continues to be essentially a locally driven industry. Eighty-five per cent of our Group Beer Volume is driven by local and sometimes regional brands such as Amstel, Zlaty Bazant or Primus. Therefore, understanding how to grow and manage portfolios has to be a core skill of our marketing teams around the world. The same approach was adopted for Trade Marketing in our Central and Eastern Europe region where we launched a new Trade Marketing framework, focusing on channel segmentation and on building winning-channel strategies. gj ÜHAU0 jneantfQ. Annual Report 2009 - Heineken N.V. 15

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