Embracing change 9 CEO Foreword When Gerard Adriaan Heineken started this great company in 1864, he was driven by the desire to create a successful, sustainable business that wasn't just financially successtul but also made a positive contribution to society as a whole. Heineken N.V. 01 Summary Sustainability Report 2012 We have shown we are prepared to take responsibility and to lead. Now it is time to move on to the next phase. Jean-Francois van Boxmeer Chairman of the Executive Board/CEO In the last 149 years, this approach has served us well. It continues to do so today and it will remain our approach into the future. However, what is changing is the world in which we operate. The world is facing significant environmental and sustainability-related challenges. Mega-trends such as climate change, population growth, increasing demand for energy, food security and water scarcity are real issues that are forcing society as a whole to think and act differently. As our business grows and our geographic footprint expands, we have to consistently evolve what we do and how we do it. That is why we are forcing ourselves to find new ways to lessen the negative impact of our operations and reduce our usage of scarce resources such as energy and water. We aim to increase the level of barley, corn, sorghum, rice and hops that we source locally. This approach empowers the local population, stimulates the economy, and guarantees quality materials with a lower distribution cost and a lower carbon footprint. Everybody wins. Much of our Company's impact, though, lies outside our direct control and with our suppliers and distributors. In 2012, our Supplier Code was signed by 528 global and more than 34,000 local suppliers, thus spreading the influence and impact of our actions and thinking. In the area of alcohol-related harm, we are also increasing the impact of our actions by working closely with our industry colleagues. In October, we joined forces with other prominent international alcohol companies to back new global initiatives to reduce the harmful use of alcohol. We recognise the need for us as a responsible brewer, marketer and seller to help reduce misuse of our product. HEINEKEN will continue to play a leadership role, through working with industry, governments, NGOs and with our business partners. It remains a matter of deep regret and sadness that we continue to experience fatalities within our business. In 2012, ten people lost their lives working with or for our company. Whilst this is a significant reduction compared with 2011 and whilst five were again due to high levels of violence in Mexico, we will continue to focus our energies on doing whatever we reasonably can to prevent any and every type of fatality from occurring. Since 2010, the foundations have been put in place. We have shown we are prepared to take responsibility and to lead. Now it is time to move on to the next phase. Outlined in this report are the four focus areas for the coming three years: water, sourcing, CO; and responsible consumption. These have been agreed in consultation with our stakeholders and reflect the material areas for our business and society at large where we can have the greatest impact. Once again, we have set ambitious targets. Having seen what was achieved in the first three years of Brewing a Better Future, I have little doubt that our employees and business partners will rise to the challenge and deliver what is needed. Jean-Francois van Boxmeer Chairman of the Executive Board/CEO For the full foreword and an interview with Sean O'Neill, Chief Corporate Relations Officer, see our online report.

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