What did we do to reach our conclusions? To provide limited assurance on whether the information in The Report is fairly stated we: performed a media analysis and internet search on environmental, safety and social issues relating to Heineken, to obtain information on relevant sustainability issues in the reporting period; reviewed the follow up of the stakeholder dialogue in The Report; reviewed the systems and processes for information management, internal control and processing of the qualitative and quantitative information in The Report, at corporate level; reviewed the systems used for generating, validating and aggregating the environmental and safety data at corporate level; visited three sites in Nigeria, Spain and The Netherlands to assess the quality of the local data management systems and the reliability of the reported data; reviewed the results of twelve local data management audits performed by Heineken Internal Audit; reviewed Heineken Internal Audit activities to determine the plausibility of the information in The Report; collected and reviewed internal and external documentation to determine whether the qualitative information is supported by sufficient evidence; assessed the reasonableness of the assumptions underlying the forward-looking statements set out in The Report; evaluated whether the information presented in The Report is in line with our overall knowledge of, and experience with, sustainability at Heineken. During the assurance process we discussed changes to the various drafts of The Report with Heineken, and reviewed the final version of The Report to ensure that it reflected our findings. What are our conclusions? Based on the procedures performed, as described above, the information in The Report does not, in all material respects, appear to be unfairly stated in accordance with the criteria described in 'Reporting basis' on pages 42-45. What else did we observe? Without affecting the conclusions presented above, we would like to draw readers' attention to the following: Over the recent years, the results of the internal and external review activities have shown that the quality of data management systems at breweries varies per region. In 2009, Heineken has increased the number and quality of reviews on data management systems at breweries. In light of Heineken's assurance ambitions, we recommend to further improve the quality of data management and review by applying a risk based regional focus. Amsterdam, 2 April 2010 KPMG Sustainability W.J. Bartels RA 51 Heineken N.V. - Sustainability Report 2009

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