|Sr Jf Be seen, be safe! Netherlands This safety jacket initiative is one of several safety programmes launched over the past two years. At the end of 2008, Vrumona held new, interactive safety training for employees who work on the production floor. Over two months, around 220 people took part in one-day group sessions. Following this, in January 2009 Vrumona launched a safety awareness campaign, which will run until March 2010. The campaign involves monthly safety flyers sent to every employee's home and questionnaires distributed on specific safety topics. A prize is given to those who complete the questionnaire correctly. Furthermore, in June 2009 Vrumona selected employees to act as 'safety experts', responsible for monthly safety audits of their appointed area. "The aim is to get more people involved in ensuring the whole Vrumona site is safe," explains Pier. "We want a responsible, safe attitude to be embedded throughout our organisation, and we are confident these initiatives will help achieve this." Pier Snieder SHE Manager At the start of 2009, Vrumona, Heineken's Dutch soft drink business, decided to introduce a simple but effective protective measure for all employees and visitors to its operations: safety jackets. In total, 1,000 jackets were bought-500 for employees and 500 for visitors - and on 30 March they were distributed at its premises in Bunnik for the first time. The aim of the jackets is simple: to make people more visible - employees'jackets are yellow and visitors' are orange. "This safety initiative has been a huge success," says Pier Snieder, SHE manager at Vrumona. "We can already see employees are more aware of the importance of looking after themselves, and each other. Occasionally, someone will forget to wear their jacket and another employee will remind them to wear it straight away." Heineken N.V. - Sustainability Report 2009 19

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