Natural gas is the most used fuel, accounting for 57 per cent of all heat generated. Fuel oil and diesel account for approximately 30 per cent. Nearly 4 per cent of total energy is derived from renewable fuels (biomass and biogas). Coal is not used. Electricity In 2009 our specific electricity consumption - the amount of electricity needed to produce one hectolitre of beer, soft drinks or cider - was 9.0 kWh per hectolitre (kWh/hl). Compared with a restated 2008 figure of 9.0 kWh/hl, our performance remained stable. It is slightly behind our stated target of 8.8 kWh/hl for 2009. Unfortunately, lower volumes caused by the global economic downturn had a negative impact on our energy savings efforts which rely heavily on scale to deliver greater efficiency. Our breweries in Tadcaster (UK) and Irkutsk (Russia) saved a significant amount of electricity by installing a more energy-efficient refrigeration plant. The actions of Total Productive Management (TPM) teams in Valencia (Spain) and Madrid (Spain) contributed to a reduction in electricity consumption. The optimalisation of the cooling plant in Ekaterinburg (Russia) also contributed positively. On the other hand, our breweries in Rechitsa (Belarus), St. Petersburg (Russia) and Lahti (Finland) saw an increase of their specific electricity consumption. Total energy Our Aware of Energy programme aims to save 15 per cent energy per hectolitre (i.e. thermal energy and electricity) between 2002 and 2010. With another year to go, the programme is well on track. To date we have achieved an energy reduction of 14.3 per cent. Types of fuels used Specific electricity consumption The Heineken Group as a whole (i.e. those companies in scope in 2002 and those acquired and consolidated since) has realised 95 per cent of the promised improvements. The 2002 group is already well below the target of 170 MJ/hl in 2010. Calculation of MJ per type of fuel LPG, natural gas, propane 66% Diesel oil, fuel oil, gas oil, kerosene 30% Biomass 3% Biogas 1% Coal, other 0% kWh/hl beer soft drink cider 2012 I nti 2009 I Restated 2008 I Reported 2008 ESI 200 Target Actual The performance data for 2009 (actual - target) relate to the companies that were part of the Heineken Company in 2008 and therefore exclude acquisitions made in 2009. Heineken N.V. - Sustainability Report 2009

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