THE FEDERATION OF BREWING AND SOFT DRINKS INDUSTRY SH LAUNCH A NEW KIND OF ALCOHOL EDUCATION WITH THE 'DRUNK, YOU'RE A FOOL' CAMPAIGN RESPONSIBLE BEER CONSUMPTION Upweight actions on our key portfolio brands We introduced responsible consumption messages on primary packaging for most of our key brands covering around 50 per cent of our global volume. We also support the labelling with dedicated local responsibility websites in markets where internet penetration makes this a relevant channel. Increase partnerships at a local level In line with our vision to play our part in reducing alcohol- related harm, we increased the number of market-based partnerships that address alcohol-related issues from 7 to 30. These partnerships address one of three issues: drinking and driving, underage purchase and consumption and alcohol education. Continued investment in coordinated industry action We are members of trade organisations in markets across the world. In many of these, we have instigated or participated in campaigns, programmes and projects that address relevant beer issues. In addition, we participate in international groups active on the issue such as Brewers of Europe, Global Alcohol Producers Group and the International Centre for Alcohol Policies (ICAP). Continually educate our own employees Working in the beer business requires us to be ambassadors for our industry. With the exception of Martinique, all operating companies that were acquired prior to 1 January 2008 have implemented our internal 'Cool@Work' programme. We will modify our Cool@Work manual to make it clearer to operating companies what is required from sBBHh ¥*3 FINLAND 24 HEINEKEN N.V. SUSTAINABILITV REPORT 2008

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