AMSTEL LIGHTNOWALSO IN HOLLAND "Nothings happened in all those years" Amstel reception for Cameroun volleyball team AMSTEL En d mgL HEINEKEN INTERNATIONAL MAGAZINE NR. 13 PAGE 5 This month sees the market launch of Amstel Light in the Netherlands. This new type of Amstel beer contains less alcohol (3%) and 40% fewer calories than regular beer. Just like Amstel 1870, Amstel Bock Beer and Amstel Gold, Amstel Light is on sale in six-pack cartons. Four of these six-packs are contained in one display crate. Amstel Light has been on the market in the United States for six years, and with growing success. Heineken also identified a trend towards greater health-consciousness in the Netherlands. Consumers are keeping a closer watch on what they eat and drink; they are being more careful about their calorie and alcohol intake. Consumer research clearly showed that there is a demand in the beer market for such a 'light' beer. Consumers feel that such a beer should contain not only fewer calories but also less alcohol. The launch of Amstel Light will again be tackled ona large scale. An amount of three million guilders has been set aside for the advertising campaign (TV commercials, billboards, advertisements in maga zines and daily newspapers and in-store publicity materials). Jose Velasco, head of security in Madrid: Jose Garcia Velasco (45) is head of the security department of El Aguila in Madrid. His 'patch' is formed by the head office and the adjacent depot, the building which houses the engineering depart ment and the former brewery. "Nothing's happened in all those years", reports Mr. Velasco proudly. A statement which reflects the fact that prevention is the vital element in his work. In Spain security is taken seriously. At the entrance to the Madrid head office a security guard from an external firm stands on watch all day. Recording the names of the visitors to El Aguila and noting down the times of their arrival and departure. Mr. Velasco's ten staff also register the daily arrival and departure times of employees and visitors. They are also there to ensure law and order. During the night the guards make four rounds through the buildings. One patrol through the head office takes about an hour. Aren't those rounds very boring? "Not really. There are a lot of people who enjoy working at night when things are quiet", says Mr. Velasco, who occasionally also works nights as a stand-in. His normal working hours are from 2 p.m. until 9.30 p.m. Mr. Velasco ends his day's work by making his rounds through the head office. Checking whether the lights are out, office equipment has been switched off and the doors locked. Then he hands over to his colleagues who keep a watchful eye during the night. Attacks There has been unrest for a time in Spain, particularly in the Basque Provinces and in Madrid. Bomb attacks by the Basque separatist movement ETA also meant that businesses had to introduce extra security precautions. For El Aguila the risk of attacks brought tighter security, particularly for the brew eries. El Aguila's property and premises are safe and sound in the hands of Mr. Velasco and his col leagues. They are driven by motives of conscientiousness and a sense of duty. Motives that are essential for their kind of work. After the volleyball match had ended between the national teams of the NetherlandsandCamerounas part ofthepre-Olympic volleyball tournament in Amsterdam, a meeting was organised for the players and some invited guests. The match was won by the Dutch team which, incidentally, went on to beat China in the final, gaining a direct qualification for the Summer Olympics in South Korea. The Cameroun team players, together with their trainer and the Cameroun Ambassador were given a reception in the VIP room of the sports complex. As a memento oftheir visit theguests were presented with an Amstel beer mug made of red Delftware by Regional Marketing Manager J.E.M. Bruning. The reception underlined the strong links between Amstel and Cameroun. Amstel beer is brewed under licence in that country by International Brasserie and is very successful as a premium beer brand. 29f' 3,5% VOL.At-C Amstel Light, a great success in America, will soon be on sale in Holland as well. Jose Garcia Velasco, head of the security department in Madrid. 6gVa' ca 40% minder -* minder ca|

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